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system it goes through the boot process then right to the BIOS screen with a message of Rom image is not loaded ROM image update denied. file /home/admin/conf/dns/ failed: permission denied[/b] Dec 22 isp named[]: zone : not loaded due. I've loaded the site in an iframe to control it via the controls hosted on localhost. The page being loaded has its own scripts. › engine › security › apparmor. This line shows that apparmor has denied ptrace in the container. This is exactly as expected. Use aa-status . If you need to check which profiles are loaded. The event data is the error code. Also when you try to open the DNS console you get a pop-up giving Access Denied. You notice that the DNS. You distribution probably runs bind as user named and group named, otherwise the directories in /var/lib/named wouldn't by owner by that. Greetings, on entering the follwing command sudo systemctl start loraserver and sudo systemctl status loraserver im getting the follwing log. A "Permission denied" error means that the server rejected your connection. Verify that you have a private key generated and loaded into SSH. /home/apple-1/conf/dns/ failed: permission denied named[]: zone : not loaded due to errors.

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