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Hiss Distorted Agents are a type of Hiss-corrupted personnel and are one of the enemy types in Control. The Hiss Distorted are former Bureau personnel who. SUMMARY: Hiss Distorted Agents are able to render themselves invisible and emit a powerful concussive blast when in close range of their target. Easiest way I find to beat them is Shield until they attack. Then once the shield eats the attack, use a pierce shot or launch something at them. votes, 17 comments. 48K subscribers in the controlgame community. The subreddit for the third-person supernatural shooter, Control by. Abstract This paper aims to examine the distorted valuations of internet companies during the bubble. Corporate Ownership & Control, 10(). There is severe hum, noise, or distorted sound. · Connecting the system to an AC outlet · Inserting batteries to the remote control · Turning the power on · Turning. The music data itself contains noise, or the sound is distorted. Noise may have entered during the transfer process. Using Gesture Control. A method to control cross-shore sediment transport by a distorted ripple mat which is the artificial ripples of distorted cross section has been studied. In this study, an interior point optimisation-based control algorithm is proposed for three-phase distribution static compensator under distorted AC mains. Distorted body image as a risk factor in anorexia nervosa: replication and Humans; Internal-External Control; Perceptual Distortion*; Personality Tests.

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