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Imaginary friends can serve various functions. Playing with imaginary friends enables children to enact behaviors and events they have not yet experienced. Imaginary friends are very useful to young people. They are created by many children, but particularly by girls, firstborns and only children. We surveyed 1, parents of 3 to year-olds to discover how many imaginary friends exist across the UK today. 17% of children have an invisible companion. There are many reasons why children have imaginary friends, and 65% of them do. Here's why they arrive, how long they stay, and how far you. Many children have imaginary friends. Imaginary friend can be invisible to others, or take the form of an inanimate object. When the imaginary friend is a. None of this is true; numerous sociological studies on imaginary friends have concluded that children, teens and adults have them for many reasons. If we stop. For his book about imaginary friends, Dr. Bradley Wigger interviewed children all over the world about their invisible companions. A child can practice different scenarios with their imaginary companion, in a safer way than with a real-world friend. Imaginary friends are a common (and perfectly normal) manifestation for many kids across many stages of development. Many children say that they understand their imaginary friends are a product of their imagination, but that is not always the case.

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